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ColoPittsburgh Is Perfect For:
- Webhosting
- Disaster Recovery
- Offsite Backup
- Email Hosting
- Gameservers
- Centralization
- Video Monitoring

Datacenter Features:
- 10Gbit Redundant Ring
- 2 Fiber Entrances
- APC Silicon UPS Systems
- Diesel Power Generator
- Wholly Owned Facility
- Multi-home backbones
- Presence in 2 carrier hotels
- CCTV Security
- Escorted Access Only

Owned & Operated by Salsgiver Inc.
Redundant Ring Architecture by Calix.
Network Powered by Cisco Routers.
ColoPittsburgh, is a division of Salsgiver Internet Services which has been around since 1995 providing quality residential and business internet solutions to customers in Western Pennsylvania and beyond.

Why am I just hearing of ColoPittsburgh and Salsgiver?
We have been extremely focused on bringing a great experience to our customers in Western Pennsylvania, and have not targeted nationally until recently. We have recently recruited a sales and marketing staff to help with our national rollout which may also be why you are hearing more about us.

What sets ColoPittsburgh apart from other providers?
There are several things that sets us apart from other providers on the internet. Here are some quick points:

  • We own the facility! - Unlike hundreds of other providers out there who lease space from a datacenter, or lease space from a company who leases space from a datacenter, we OWN the facility. This will help eliminate the middle man, and also prevent you from becoming caught up in someone else's business problems. (We have read on message boards of datacenters that cut power to the lease holder because of backed invoices, and in the end, the colo customer is ultimately affected, DO NOT let this happen to you, let us help you maintain your own infrastructure.)

  • Knowledgeable Staff is a Phone Call away! - Some colo providers use a ticket or email only based support system, while we offer these types of support as well, we believe that if you need to talk to someone NOW then you should be able to do just that! Call our local or toll-free number whenever you need help, and we would be glad to assist you.

  • We won't nickel and dime you! - We allow for 2 hands on support calls a month, as well as unlimited reboots (within reason). Most other providers will charge in upwards of $50 just to look at your machine. Should any parts need replaced, our experienced technicians would be happy to do it for you (Hardware replacement may be billable depending on nature of the problem as well as time spent on replacement).

  • Designated DR Area - Located 25 miles north of Pittsburgh, other large companies have made this surrounding area their designated Disaster Recovery area. We maintain our own Private 10gbit fiber optic ring to our downtown Pittsburgh hubsites (or carrier hotels). So not only do you have your equipment located in a safe rural area, but you have sub-millisecond travel over a redundant ring to downtown Pittsburgh.

  • Allegheny Power Grid - We are located on the Allegheny Power Grid, many customers seeking colo around Pittsburgh have sought after datacenters on this reliable power grid, your search is over!

We provide service for a variety of business, such as:
Webhosting Companies
Design Firms
Retail Sales
Data Containment
School Districts
Video Monitoring
Let us help you achieve your colocation goals.
© 1995-2009. ColoPittsburgh is a division of Salsgiver, Inc.